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Rabba, the grandson of Channa, said that he himself once saw a
frog larger than any seen now, though not so large as the frog
in Egypt. It was as large as Acra, a village of some sixty
houses (_Bava Bathra_, fol. 73, col. 2.)

Apropos to the part the frog was conceived to play or symbolize
in the Jewish conception of the mode and ministry of Divine
judgment, we quote the following:--"We are told that Samuel once
saw a frog carrying a scorpion on its back across a river, upon
the opposite bank of which a man stood waiting ready to be
stung. The sting proving fatal, so that the man died; upon which
Samuel exclaimed, 'Lord, they wait for Thy judgments this day:
for all are Thy servants.' (Ps. cxix. 91.)" (_Nedarim_, fol. 41,
col. 1.)

"According to the days of one king" (Isa. xxiii. 15). What king is this
that is singled out as one? Thou must say this is the King Messiah, and
no other.

THE TALMUD, _Sanhedrin_, fol. 99, col. 1.


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