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In the pages which precede and follow the above quotation there
is much that is interesting on the subject of dreams and their
interpretation, and one is strongly tempted to append
selections, but we refrain in order to make room for a prayer
which occurs in the morning service for the various festivals,
and is given in the preceding context:--"Sovereign of the
Universe! I am thine, and my dreams are thine. I have dreamed a
dream, but know not what it portendeth. May it be acceptable in
Thy presence, O Lord my God, and the God of my fathers, that all
my dreams concerning myself and concerning all Israel may be for
my good. Whether I have dreamt concerning myself, or whether I
have dreamt concerning others, or whether others have dreamt
concerning me, if they be good, strengthen and fortify them,
that they may be accomplished in me, as were the dreams of the
righteous Joseph; and if they require cure, heal them as Thou
didst Hezekiah, king of Judah, from his sickness; as Miriam the
prophetess from her leprosy, and Naaman from his leprosy; as the
bitter waters of Marah by the hands of our legislator Moses, and
those of Jericho by the hands of Elisha. And as Thou wast
pleased to turn the curse of Balaam, the son of Beor, to a
blessing, be pleased to convert all my dreams concerning me and
all Israel to a good end. Oh, guard me; let me be acceptable to
Thee, and grant me life. Amen." (The translation of this prayer
is borrowed from the Jewish liturgy.)

Rabbi Levi said, "Come and see how unlike the character of the Holy
One--blessed be He!--is to that of those who inherit the flesh and blood
of humanity. God blessed Israel with twenty-two benedictions and cursed
them with eight curses (Lev. xxvi. 3-13, xv. 43). But Moses, our Rabbi,
blessed them with eight benedictions and cursed them with twenty-two
imprecations" (see Deut. xxviii. 1-4, xv. 68).

THE TALMUD, _Bava Bathra_, fol. 59, col. i.


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