Random Quote #30 topic: hebraic, Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and Kabbala

Once when Israel went up by pilgrimages to one of the three annual
feasts at Jerusalem (see Exod. xxxiv. 23, 24), it so happened that there
was no water to drink. Nicodemon ben Gorion therefore hired of a
friendly neighbor twelve huge reservoirs of water promising to have them
replenished against a given time, or failing this to forfeit twelve
talents of silver. The appointed day came and still the drought
continued, and therewith the scarcity of water; upon which the creditor
appeared and demanded payment of the forfeit. The answer of Nicodemon to
the demand was, "There's time yet; the day is not over." The other
chuckled to himself, inwardly remarking, "There's no chance now; there's
been no rain all the season," and off he went to enjoy his bath. But
Nicodemon sorrowful at heart, wended his way to the Temple. After
putting on his prayer scarf, as he prayed, he pleaded, "Lord of the
Universe! Thou knowest that I have not entered into this obligation for
my own sake, but for Thy glory and for the benefit of Thy people." While
he yet prayed the clouds gathered overhead, the rain fell in torrents,
and the reservoirs were filled to overflowing. On going out of the house
of prayer he was met by the exacting creditor, who still urged that the
money was due to him, as he said, the rain came after sunset. But in
answer to prayer the clouds immediately dispersed, and the sun shone out
as brightly as ever.

THE TALMUD, _Taanith_, fol. 19. col. 2.


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