Random Quote #33 topic: zola-dictionary, A Zola Dictionary; the Characters of the Rougon-Macquart Novels of Emile Zola, Patterson, J. G

ANGELIQUE MARIE, born 1851, was the daughter of Sidonie Rougon, by an
unknown father. Soon after her birth she was taken to the Foundling
Hospital by a nurse, Madame Foucart, and no further inquiries were ever
made about her. She was at first boarded with Francoise Hamelin, by whom
she was not unkindly treated, and subsequently went to Paris with
Louis Franchomme and his wife, who wished to teach her the trade of
artificial-flower making. Franchomme having died three months later,
his widow went to reside at Beaumont with her brother, Rabier, taking
Angelique with her. Unfortunately, Madame Franchomme died a few months
afterwards, leaving Angelique to the care of the Rabiers, who used
her badly, not even giving her enough to eat. In consequence of their
treatment, she ran away on Christmas Day, 1860, and the following
morning was found in a fainting condition by Hubert, the chasuble-maker,
who noticed her lying in the snow within the porch of the cathedral
of Beaumont. Hubert and his wife took the child into their home, and,
becoming attached to her, ultimately adopted her as their daughter,
teaching her the art of embroidering vestments, in which she became
very skilful. Angelique, though an amiable girl, was at first liable
to violent attacks of temper, and it was only by the exercise of much
patience and tact on the part of Madame Hubert that this tendency was
overcome. The girl was always a dreamer, and her cloistered life with
the Huberts, along with constant reading of the lives of the saints,
brought out all that was mystic in her nature. A chance meeting between
Angelique and a young man named Felicien led to their falling in
love, she being in entire ignorance of the fact that he was the son of
Monseigneur d'Hautecoeur, and a member of one of the oldest and proudest
families in France. Felicien's father having refused his consent to a
marriage, and a personal appeal to him by Angelique having failed,
the lovers were separated for a time. The girl gradually fell into
ill-health, and seemed at the point of death when Monseigneur
himself came to administer the last rites of the Church. Having been
miraculously restored to a measure of health, Angelique was married to
Felicien d'Hautecoeur in the great cathedral of Beaumont. She was very
feeble, and as she was leaving the church on the arm of her husband she
sank to the ground. In the midst of her happiness she died; quietly and
gently as she had lived. Le Reve.


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