Random Quote #33 topic: evilplan

Top 10 List of what to do with a whistling hole in the head, from
the home office of Sioux City, Iowa;

10. Get a huntin' permit and practice those deer calls.

9. Pretend you got shot in the head while huntin' deer, and
sue the hunter for a million bucks (or a million does).

8. Fill your head with some water and see how much of a pitch
you can get.

7. Whistle at some chicks without puckering your lips.

6. Stick your head out the car window and frighten the deer
off the road (a reference to silent deer horns).

5. Hail a cab in New York City (tonight is Taxi Cab Night, folks!)
David Letterman says to the cabbie, "Would you let your
veterinarian tattoo you?"

4. Floss after every big thought with Mental Tape (earwax mint).

3. Wear a regular arrow and yell, "I'm a Wild & Craaaazy Guy!"

2. Sing along to _The Longest Day_ while eating Bill Clinton's
french fries (WHEEEEEEEE--insert twirling photo of Clinton's
face and a super-large order of McD fries).

1. Call David Letterman and tell him you have a Stupid
Head Trick.

-Lani "Sea Hare"


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