Random Quote #34 topic: politics, The great wonder about the offensive political file is that it mostly contains direct quotes by politicians who *weren't* trying to be funny.

I did not look behind me, 'till I got to St. Omer's & thence fled to America;
here I offer'd to become a Spy for the English Government which was scornfully
rejected; I then turned to Plunder & Libel the Yankees, for which I was fined
5000 Dollars & kicked out of the Country! I came back to England (after
absconding for Seven years) & set up the Crown & Mitre to establish my Loyalty!

-- accepted from the Doctor L400 to print & disperse a pamphlet against "the
Hellfire of Reform" ... but applied the Money to purchase an estate at Botley,
& left ye Doctor to pay the Paper & Printing! Being now Lord of the Manor, I
began by sowing the seeds of discontent through Hampshire; I oppressed the
Poor, sent the Aged to Hell, & damned the eyes of my Parish Apprentices before
they were open'd in the morning! ... and being now supported by a Band of
Reformers, I renewed my old favorite Toast of Damnation to the House of
Brunswick! & being exalted by the sale of 10,000 Political Registers every
week, I find myself the greatest Man in the World! except that Idol of all my
Adorations, his Royal and Imperial Majesty, NAPOLEONE!
-- William Cobbett, British journalist


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