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"Synopsis of the Healthy Ball
The Introduction Remarks of Gymnastic Batt Bail Modelled on Cloisnne And
Gymnaastic Ball Modelled on Jade Design.
Cloisonne Gymnastic Ball and Jade Gymnastic Ball modelled after the
traditional techological process of doisonne and painting of China. It not
only carries on the ancient traditional technology,
but also creates some more patterns. So it becomes even more
sounder. wear-resisting and it is not so cold as iron ones in winter. It
is a king of handicrafte treasure senior gift and the best thing for middle
or old men to built up their bodies.
The ball is based on the theory of traditional chinese medical
science that every finger links with the heart. when you move the balls on
your palm, all the muscles and joints would be put in motion, and thus the
body of the ball will stimulate each acupuncture point on the hand.
This can makc the circulation of vital energy and blood go through.
Wbile you play with the ball, it can provide a sounding of high and
low. The sounding will regulate your nervous system and relax your muscles.
After a period of time of exercises, it can prevent high blood
pressure from appearing, stop nerves from being weak of insomnia,
neurasthenia and moreover to prolong your life. The only way you can reach
the aim is never stop exercising the ball on your palm
When playing with balls, hold two of them with the palm of your hand.enable
the two balls to go around each other. It is suitable for beginners to
choose the ball in sm ll size to play with. when you got the skill to play,
you can choose the ball in bigger size, and then you can play with three or
four within one hand at a time.
The ball is made of metal, which should be kept dry and clean and
prevent from violent collision.If it to be put unused for a long time coat
it with wax or grease for sealing and preservation"

-- Instructions on a Cloisonne Hand Exercising Balls, which are two
hand-painted metallic balls with chimes inside them. The intention is to roll
the balls around in your palm as a means of stress relief and relaxation.


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