Random Quote #35 topic: ethnic, Nasty slams at particular ethnic groups. 'Ethnic' actually includes regionalist jokes in America.

Although a fifth-generation American, Father Sweeny was more Irish than most
of Erin's natives. He spoke with an Irish brogue which had mysteriously
appeared during his nineteenth year and he *hated* the English. Due to his
proclivity to belabor the British from his pulpit, complaints to his
superiors were not infrequent. He would blame anything evil or merely
inconvenient on the English people. If there was an act of terrorism, the
responsibility was promptly laid at the feet of the Brits. If there was a
natural disaster, undoubtedly the English government was an accessory to
the fact, if not outrightly culpable. Repeatedly, his superiors called him
on the carpet for his behavior. After a particularly vituperative
anti-British broadside, the Bishop instructed Father Sweeny to come straight
to his office; do not pass GO; do not collect two hundred dollars. Summing
up a humiliating and soul-marking reprimand, the Bishop ended with: "Next
week is Saint Patrick's Day. If you so much as *mention* the British, it's
your last sermon!"

The following Sunday, as Father Sweeny spoke lovingly and eloquently of
Saint Patrick, and he made a reference to the last Passover celebrated by
Christ and His disciples. "Sure, an' you're all familiar with the tale.
You know that Our Lord sat at the table and told his disciples that one
among them would betray Him. As He looked around the table, He stopped at
Peter, the Rock, who said, `Not I, Lord!' He looked at Thomas, who doubted,
and Thomas said, `I could never do such a thing!' Then the Lord looked long
and hard at Judas Iscariot, who said, `Cor, bloimy, Guv'na, you couldn't
main may!'"


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