Random Quote #36 topic: zola-dictionary, A Zola Dictionary; the Characters of the Rougon-Macquart Novels of Emile Zola, Patterson, J. G

GRANDMORIN (LE PRESIDENT), one of the directors of the Western Railway
Company. "Born in 1804, substitute at Digne on the morrow of the events
in 1830, then at Fontainebleau, then at Paris, he had afterwards filled
the posts of procurator at Troyes, advocate-general at Rennes, and
finally first president at Rouen. A multi-millionaire, he had been
member of the County Council since 1855, and on the day he retired he
had been made Commander of the Legion of Honour." He owned a mansion
at Paris in Rue du Rocher, and often resided with his sister, Madame
Bonnehon, at Doinville. His private life was not unattended by scandal,
and his relations with Louisette, the younger daughter of Madame Misard,
led to her death. A somewhat similar connection with Severine Aubry,
a ward of his own, had less immediately serious consequences, as
he arranged for her marriage to Roubaud, an employee of the railway
company, whom he took under his protection. Three years later Roubaud
learned the truth by chance, and murdered Grandmorin in the Havre
express between Malaunay and Barentin. The President left a fortune of
over three and a half million francs, among other legacies being one
to Severine Roubaud of the mansion-house of Croix-de-Maufras. La Bete


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