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"1. Check the screws, wheels for loosen and abnormality, height of handle and
handle before usage.
2. This product is for sliding only, please don't modify this product.
3. For you safety, please put on safety helmet, knee, elbows and wrist
guards and put on leisure clothing. Never wear high heel shoes or shoes with
slipper sole, avoid headphone and sun glass.
4. Avoid riding together with two persons or on busy street, pedestrian
path, gravel road or any place which tend to slippery. We're commend using
this product on a parking lot or road without traffic or vacant asphalt game
5. Please don't use by children or person who doesn't read this instruction.
6. Please don't use this product in case of drinking or physically unfit.
7. Please don't use this product in case of raining, snowing, at night.
8. Brake is unable to provide reliable protection on slopes, thus, aware of
the speed and make sure you can stop when necessary. But don't reduce the
speed too fast, you may fall.
9. Please grip the handles properly while using; besides, don't use this
product as a transportation vehicle. Pay attention to pedestrian,
handicapped, bike rider, roller skater, skateboard player or pet to avoid
traffic accident.
10. You may lose your balance while tuming, you are batter to get off or
decrease your speed before tuming.
11. Pay attention to the furrows on the road, for the wheel may get stuck or
blocked at tramlines or manhole covers.
12. The weight limit of this product on application is 150LBS or less.
13. This product is suitable for sliding only, do not overestimate your
skills. You should adapt the speed to your abiliyt always, it is a good idea
to get off if you in doubt of traffic conditions.
14. When self-locking nuts and other self-locking fixings may loose their

-- The safety sheet for a scooter manufactured in Asia.


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