Random Quote #37 topic: koran, The Koran (Al-Qur'an), translated by Rodwell, J. M. (John Medows)

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

HA. MIM. This Book is sent down from God, the Mighty, the Wise!

Assuredly in the Heavens and the Earth are signs for those who believe:

And in your own creation, and in the beasts which are scattered abroad are
signs to the firm in faith:

And in the succession of night and day, and in the supply which God sendeth
down from the Heaven whereby He giveth life to the earth when dead, and in
the change of the winds, are signs for a people of discernment.

Such are the signs of God: with truth do we recite them to thee. But in what
teaching will they believe, if they reject God and his signs?

Woe to every lying sinner,

Who heareth the signs of God recited to him, and then, as though he heard
them not, persisteth in proud disdain! Apprise him of an afflictive

And when he becometh acquainted with any of our signs he turneth them into
ridicule. These! a shameful punishment for them!

Hell is behind them! and neither their gains nor the lords whom they have
adopted beside God shall avail them in the least: and theirs, a great

This is "Guidance:" and for those who disbelieve the signs of their Lord is
the punishment of an afflictive torment.

It is God who hath subjected the sea to you that the ships may traverse it at
his bidding, and that ye may go in quest of the gifts of his bounty, and that
ye may be thankful.

And he hath subjected to you all that is in the Heavens and all that is on
the Earth: all is from him. Verily, herein are signs for those who reflect.

Tell the believers to pardon those who hope not for the days of God in which
He purposeth to reward men according to their deeds.

He who doth that which is right, doth it to his own behoof, and whoso doth
evil, doth it to his own hurt. Hereafter, to your Lord shall ye be brought

To the children of Israel gave we of old the Book and the Wisdom, and the
gift of Prophecy, and we supplied them with good things, and privileged them
above all peoples:

And we gave them clear sanctions for our behests: neither did they differ,
through mutual envy, till after they had become possessed of knowledge; but
thy Lord will judge between them on the day of resurrection, as to the
subject of their disputes.

Afterwards we set thee over our divine law: follow it then: and follow not
the wishes of those who have no knowledge,

For against God shall they avail thee nothing. And in sooth, the doers of
evil are one another's patrons; but the patron of them that fear Him is God

This Book hath insight for mankind, and a Guidance and Mercy to a people who
are firm in faith.

Deem they whose gettings are only evil, that we will deal with them as with
those who believe and work righteousness, so that their lives and deaths
shall be alike? Ill do they judge.

In all truth hath God created the Heavens and the Earth, that he may reward
every one as he shall have wrought; and they shall not be wronged.

What thinkest thou? He who hath made a God of his passions, and whom God
causeth wilfully to err, and whose ears and whose heart he hath sealed up,
and over whose sight he hath placed a veil who, after his rejection by God,
shall guide such a one? Will ye not then be warned?

And they say, "There is only this our present life: we die and we live, and
nought but time destroyeth us." But in this they have no knowledge: it is
merely their own conceit.

And when our clear signs are recited to them, their only argument is to say,
"Bring back our fathers, if ye speak the truth."

Say: God giveth you life, then causeth you to die: then will He assemble you
on the day of resurrection: there is no doubt of it: but most men have not
this knowledge.

And God's is the kingdom of the Heavens and of the Earth; and on the day when
the Hour shall arrive, on that day shall the despisers perish.

And thou shalt see every nation KNEELING: to its own book shall every nation
be summoned: This day shall ye be repaid as ye have wrought.

This our Book will speak of you with truth: therein have we written down
whatever ye have done."

As to those who have believed and wrought righteously, into his mercy shall
their Lord cause them to enter. This shall be undoubted bliss!

But as to the Infidels "Were not my signs recited to you? but ye proudly
scorned them, and became a sinful people."

And when it was said, "Verily the Promise of God is truth; and as to the
Hour, there is no doubt of it;" ye said, "We know not what the hour is we
conceive it a mere conceit, we have no assurance of it."

And the evils they have wrought shall rise up into their view, and that at
which they mocked shall hem them in on every side.

And it shall be said to them, "This day will we forget you as ye forgat your
meeting with us this day, and your abode shall be the fire, and none shall
there be to succour you:

This, because ye received the signs of God with mockery, and this present
life deceived you." On that day therefore they shall not come out from it;
and they shall not be asked to win the favour of God.

Praise then be to God, Lord of the Heavens and Lord of the Earth; the Lord of
the worlds!

And His be the greatness in the Heavens and on the Earth; for He is the
Mighty, the Wise!



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