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A superstitious belief prevails to some extent in Poland, among
the Christian population as well as the Jews, that coins
obtained in certain circumstances bring luck apart altogether
from any virtue they may be supposed to convey from the giver. A
penny obtained, for instance, the first thing in the morning, by
stumbling on it in the street, by the sale of an article in the
market, or by gift of charity, is considered to bode luck, and
cherished as a pledge of good fortune by being slightly spat
upon several times on receipt, and then carefully stowed away,
for a longer or shorter period, in some safe sanctum. Job was
the luckiest man that ever lived; his very goats even were so
lucky as to kill the wolves that came to devour them; and a
beggar, as we see, who received a mite from his hands, never
needed afterward to beg an alms from him again. (See "Genesis
according to the Talmud," p. 288, No. 16.)

"And Saul said unto the Kenites, Go, depart, etc.; for ye showed
kindness to all the children of Israel" (1 Sam. xv. 6). And did they
show kindness to all the children of Israel? No; but what is written is
to teach that he who receives a disciple of the wise as a guest into his
house, and gives him to eat and to drink, is as if he had shown kindness
to all the children of Israel.

THE MIDRASHIM, _Midrash Sh'muel_, chap. 18.


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