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"Setting Pre Ceiling Way and Means:(1) with appertain rotor of screw setting
pre ceiling on the under standing that serew no wield.May wield
two-faced,pressboard securing. wied pre to begin with wiping ceiling of bilge
dasto.(2) Thread of length need half as many again as tad.(3) Open toy
of batteries shuck. Verification batteries,+,-whereafter stow down.to a
certainty need locknat lest take place accident.(4) Hook through toys apside
of hole.(5) Needs swithes shoving NO.for pre arrows specifying of
orention shoving. Pack it up time, withbold toy pate,need switches shoving OFF.
* Prythee no sport with stingy or play asperity game. Winding finger have
got bloodstream not wallk. Throagh of peril.* Tad disport of time grown man
tatelage.* Till the cowcomes home.Wield toys damage,burn-in prythee wind to
a close wield.* Give attention to open/close toys,therefore take place
peril.for instance slipup batteries wield result in the emission of heat
rupture liquid.vent itself prythee pay attention.* Play at sith to a
certainty bolt up power supply fetch out batteries.* Batteries no
electification dissolution,plunge ioto aquaor fire.* Not trust for tad
batteries lest in advertent eat off. In the event of accident without loss of
time plythee pillroller tuke order with.May pre house the seamy side

-- Instructions and warnings on a Dragonball-Z toy. See a
scanned image.


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