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Environmentalist, n. One devoted to a particular political agenda,
regardless of its impact on the environment.

A recent project at Argonne National Laboratory was working on a new
generation of nuclear reactor which would be in many ways a dream come
true. Its design would be such that meltdown would be physically
impossible. It could run on nuclear waste from other plants, not only
generating power but reducing them to material which would become
harmless in a matter of roughly a century, rather than millions of
years. It could run on nuclear warheads, thus not only providing a
safe and permanent manner to dispose of some of the most appalling and
destructive devices ever created, but so doing in a manner which would
provide useful energy to hospitals and families; a beautiful picture
of what it means to beat swords into ploughshares.

However, it is still nuclear, and, in the eyes of environmentalism,
all nuclear power is evil and must be stopped at any cost. This
project was, most definitely, stopped at any cost. It was terminated
at great monetary cost; it was nearing completion, and, now that it
was ready to be tested on different materials, those materials must be
disposed of, at a cost of ninety-four million dollars more than it
would have cost to complete. It was terminated at great environmental
cost; those materials are dangerous nuclear wastes, and, though they
were going to be made harmless, they must now be disposed of in
established manners; that is to say, function as the nuclear waste
that environmentalists so adamantly oppose. However, they stopped
something bearing the dirty 'n' word, so environmentalists are now

It is at least fortunate that environmentalists do not yet have the
means to extinguish the sun.

-- Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary

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