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"The civilization of man has increased just to the same extent that religious
power has decreased. The intellectual advancement of man depends upon how
often he can exchange an old superstition for a new truth. The church never
enabled a human being to make even one of these exchanges; on the contrary,
all her power has been used to prevent them. In spite, however, of the church,
man found that some of his religious conceptions were wrong. By reading his
Bible, he found that the ideas of his God were more cruel and brutal than
those of the most depraved savage. He also discovered that this holy book was
filled with ignorance, and that it must have been written by persons wholly
unacquainted with the nature of the phenomena by which we are surrounded; and
now and then, some man had the goodness and courage to speak his honest
thoughts. In every age some thinker, some doubter, some investigator, some
hater of hypocrisy, some despiser of sham, some brave lover of the right,
has gladly, proudly and heroically braved the ignorant fury of superstition
for the sake of man and truth. These divine men were generally torn in pieces
by the worshipers of the gods. Socrates was poisoned because he lacked
reverence for some of the deities. Christ was crucified by a religious rabble
for the crime of blasphemy. Nothing is more gratifying to a religionist than
to destroy his enemies at the command of God. Religious persecution springs
from a due admixture of love towards God and hatred towards man."
[Robert G. Ingersoll, "The Gods", 1872]


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