Random Quote #47 topic: evilplan

I was just thinking of how much fun it would be to spank Andrea. Not hard,
at first, but just some light wacks. Have her bent over my knee, with my
arm over her back, holding her down. Then a few swats on her butt with my
bare hand, to get her used to it. After that, see which way she is willing
to go. Harder swats, less fabric, better paddle, more swats. Eventually
work her into an endorphic haze where I can paddle her bare bottom until it
is a warm, deep, pink.

She has such a nice, full butt. I'd love to just kneel down behind her and
kiss it all over before rimming her. Having all that butt flesh surrounding
my face would be great.

Some nice patty smothering would be fun as well, have her sit on my face so
that all I can do is breathe in her scent, not enough air to breathe.
Trying to get her off for a breath of air. Not that I wouldn't like to have
her sit on my face to get off....

I've always wanted to be a submissive, and Andrea has a body I could
worship. I remembre when I first saw her at the Triangle round-the-world.
I beat off that night thinking of her.....

I have always wanted to have a my mistress sit down somewhere, doing
something: talking, computing, listening to a lecture, talking on the
phone, doing homework, drinking, eating, etc. while i was going down on
her. I could see Andrea sitting on the couch, her back against the wall,
and me between her legs covered with a blanket. She is playing cards, and
drinking from a glass she keeps on the refrigerator. She is trying to
remain impassive, but evrey so often, she pulls my head into her or pushed
her pelivs towards me, or closes her eyes. I, meanwhile, am giving her
genitals total worship, lapping and kissing each inch, suckling her clit,
running my hands over hips, legs, and stomach, enraptured with every
movement of her against me.....

I have decided that I need to be submissive. I am a slave. I am waiting for
Andrea to claim me, or give me away. Use me for your pleasure...

-Zerby (slave spud)


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