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Vote, v. To submit one's opinion to be counted as worthwhile.

America has a very strong tradition of overturning traditions, that
is, of rejecting as inappropriate everything out of accord with the
latest and most nonsensical fads. This is not a matter in which the
common folk have a monopoly; among the intelligentsia, it is
considered a mark of very poor taste to cite as authoritative anything
not written within the past few decades. It is very much like George
Orwell's novel 1984 where, when the Party changed its mind, all of the
people -- lower, middle, and upper class, factory worker and scholar
alike -- immediately burned down everything of the old opinion; we
have a Zeitgeist instead of a Party to tell us that we should burn
books, and we burn them, not by throwing them into bonfires, but by
carefully keeping them in neat little rows in libraries, making them
accessible, and inviting people to read them, on condition that they
are not consulted for serious consideration in academic work.

Thus, it is told to people, "I don't care if you have studied years of
wisdom, or are yourself a part of the years of wisdom. I don't care if
you took the time to write your thoughts down in a book that has
endured so that I may understand your thoughts long after your body
has turned to dust. You didn't write it right now, in accordance with
the present whims of the Zeitgeist, so it isn't worth my time to

However, America, in its own special way, does wish to keep a little
of everything, not to leave a snippet of some obscure ingredient out
of the great melting pot. There is thus one single place where the
vote of a dead man is counted to be of equal weight to the vote of one
who is alive, knowledgeable and wise in the way things should be run:

-- Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary

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