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CHANTEAU (MADAME), wife of the preceding, nee Eugenie de la Vigniere,
was the orphan of one of the ruined squireens of the Cotentin. An
ambitious woman, she hoped to induce her husband to overcome his
indolent nature, but her plans were upset by the ill-health into which
he fell, and she transferred to her son her hopes for the family's rise
in life. From this source she had nothing but disappointment, as one
after another of Lazare's schemes failed. To enable him to get money to
start his chemical works, she encouraged the idea of marriage between
him and Pauline Quenu, her husband's ward, who thereupon lent him thirty
thousand francs. Little by little, Madame Chanteau got possession for
the family use of nearly all Pauline's fortunes, but with each fresh
loan her feelings towards the girl became more embittered until her
affection for her had turned to hate. From this time, she discouraged
her son's marriage with Pauline, and endeavoured to turn his thoughts
towards Louise Thibaudier, who had a considerable fortune. She died of
dropsy after a short illness. La Joie de Vivre.


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