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"Science is the enemy of fear and credulity. It invites investigation,
challenges the reason, stimulates inquiry, and welcomes the unbeliever. It
seeks to give food and shelter, and raiment, education and liberty to the
human race. It welcomes every fact and every truth. It has furnished a
foundation of morals, a philosophy for the guidance of man. From all books
it selects the good, and from all theories, the true. It seeks to civilize
the human race by the cultivation of the intellect and heart. It refines,
through art, music and the drama -- giving voice and expression to every
noble thought. The mysterious does not excite the feeling of worship, but
the ambition to understand. It does not pray -- it works. It does not answer
inquiry with the malicious cry of "blasphemy." Its feelings are not hurt by
contradiction, neither does it ask to be protected by law from the laughter
of heretics. It has taught man that he cannot walk beyond the horizon -- that
the questions of origin and destiny cannot be answered -- they an infinite
personality cannot be comprehended by a finite being, and that the truth of
any system of religion based on the supernatural cannot by any possibility
be established -- such a religion not being within the domain of evidence.
And, above all, it teaches that all our duties are here -- that all our
obligations are to sentient beings; that intelligence, guided by kindness,
is the highest possible wisdom; and that "man believes not what he would,
but what he can."
[Robert G. Ingersoll, Response to Wm. E. Gladstone on
his letter "Regarding Col. Ingersoll on Christianity;
Some Remarks on his Reply to Dr. Field", 1888]


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