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Rabbi Yoshua, the son of Korcha, relates: "An aged inhabitant of
Jerusalem once told me that in this valley two hundred and eleven
thousand myriads were massacred by Nebuzaradan, captain of the guard,
and in Jerusalem itself he slaughtered upon one stone ninety-four
myriads, so that the blood flowed till it touched the blood of
Zachariah, that it might be fulfilled which is said (Hos. ii. 4), 'And
blood toucheth blood.' When he saw the blood of Zachariah, and noticed
that it was boiling and agitated, he asked, 'What is this?' and he was
told that it was the spilled blood of the sacrifices. Then he ordered
blood from the sacrifices to be brought and compared it with the blood
of the murdered prophet, when, finding the one unlike the other, he
said, 'If ye tell me the truth, well and good; if not, I will comb your
flesh with iron currycombs!' Upon this they confessed, 'He was a
prophet, and because he rebuked us on matters of religion, we arose and
killed him, and it is now some years since his blood has been in the
restless condition in which thou seest it.' 'Well,' said he, 'I will
pacify him.' He then brought the greater and lesser Sanhedrin and
slaughtered them, but the blood of the prophet did not rest. He next
slaughtered young men and maidens, but the blood continued restless as
before. He finally brought school-children and slaughtered them, but the
blood being still unpacified, he exclaimed, 'Zachariah! Zachariah! I
have for thy sake killed the best among them; will it please thee if I
kill them all?' As he said this the blood of the prophet stood still and
quiescent. He then reasoned within himself thus, 'If the blood of one
individual has brought about so great a punishment, how much greater
will my punishment be for the slaughter of so many!' In short, he
repented, fled from his house, and became a Jewish proselyte."

THE TALMUD, _Gittin_, fol. 57, col. 2.


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