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Cybertechnology, n. Technology which enters into the body, such as an
artificial heart or robotic arm.

At present, a surgeon has access to books upon books of procedures
designed to restore function to a hand injured, and yet not one
procedure designed to improve the function of a hand uninjured.
Cybertechnology which is not remedial -- a replacement for a defective
heart or severed limb being examples of remedial cybertechnology -- is
essentially the property of science fiction writers, who allow all
manner of incredible technology to enter the body.

The prime exception, if it is to be counted as such, is chemical.
There exist drugs which exert special impact on the body. Most are
used in medical fashion -- an antibiotic or some other such function

-- but there are a few which act to improve the function of a person
in health. It was observed that smoking cigarettes causes people to
breathe more deeply. Realizing this, and understanding the importance
of oxygen to a developping child, doctors advised pregnant women to
smoke. There are many other drugs which bring a similar improvement.
The use of cocaine is a wonderful way to deal with depression, and the
use of massive amounts of anabolic steroids brings an unequalled boost
to athletic prowess.

This present lexicographer looks with great anticipation to the day
when the cybertechnology described in novels may become commonplace.

-- Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary

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