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I work for an online banking service as a sales and service support
representative. Part of our marketing included having our number on customer's
bank statements. Needless to say, we received many calls unrelated to our
service as customers would dial the first toll-free number they saw on their
statement. Most of the people tho had called in error quickly understood and
were content to let us transfer them to their local branch or just let us give
them the correct number. One elderly lady took some extra convincing, and after
five minutes of explaining that she had called the wrong area, reluctantly
accepted my offer of giving her the correct number.
Me: "Ok, the toll free number is 1 800..."
I hear four telephone keypad tones come through my headset.
Customer: "Ok, I have 1 800, what's the rest of the number?"
Me: "Just one moment, I'm going to connect you directly."


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