Random Quote #61 topic: religion, Stuff that might offend religious people, mostly Christians.

This story concerns a man who, after putting his son to bed each night, would
stand by his boy's door and listen to his son saying his prayers. One night,
the boy ended his prayers with, "God specially bless Granddad, who won't be
with us much longer." The man thought this was rather curious, but passed it
off as childish whimsy. The next day, however, he received a call from his
mother, informing him that his father had passed away early that morning.
During the next few weeks, he listened particularly closely to his son's
prayers, but noticed nothing unusual. Then, one night, the boy ended his
prayers with, "God specially bless Grandmom, who won't be with us much longer."
Although the shock of the original incident had worn off during the intervening
weeks, he nontheless phoned his mother to inquire as to her health. He went to
bed reassured, only to be awakened in the night by his sister calling with the
news that their mother had died suddenly in the night. The father had a series
of psychological tests done; nothing unusual was uncovered. About a month
later, the boy ended his prayers with, "God specially bless Daddy, who won't
be with us much longer." The man was panic-stricken, certain that he was
going to die during the night. He resolved to stay awake all night; if awake
and alert he should be able to prevent any tragedy. Morning came. Breathing
a huge sigh of relief, he went to get the paper off the porch. There, lying
dead on the doorstep, was the milkman.


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