Random Quote #66 topic: zola-dictionary, A Zola Dictionary; the Characters of the Rougon-Macquart Novels of Emile Zola, Patterson, J. G

CABUCHE, a quarryman at Becourt, who lived alone in a hut in the middle
of the forest. He was condemned to five years' imprisonment for having
killed a man in a tavern brawl, but on account of his good conduct was
liberated at the end of four years. From that time he was avoided by
every one, and lived like a savage in the woods. Louisette, the younger
daughter of Madame Misard, who was then fourteen years old, met him one
day in the forest, and a strange friendship was formed between them, the
rough man almost adoring this child, who alone was not afraid to speak
to him. The girl afterwards went as a servant to Madame Bonnehon, but
one evening Cabuche found her at his door, half mad with fright and on
the verge of brain fever. He nursed her tenderly, but she died a few
days later. The conduct of President Grandmorin was believed to be the
cause of Louisette's flight from Doinville, and Cabuche was overheard to
say in ungovernable rage that he would "bleed the pig." This remark led
Denizet, the examining magistrate, to attribute to him the murder of
the President, which was committed soon afterwards by the Roubauds,
and still later he had the misfortune to be found beside the body of
Severine Roubaud, who had been murdered by Jacques Lantier. He was
found guilty of the two crimes, neither of which he committed, and was
sentenced to imprisonment for life. It was Cabuche's wagon, loaded with
huge blocks of stone, that Flore stopped in front of an express train in
order to cause an accident. La Bete Humaine.


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