Random Quote #67 topic: evilplan

Wanna liven up a party? Use Garuda! Not only does it do disco lights and
real danceable rock music, but it cleans the floor afterwards
when you're done, you can use it to lift the garage door 40% faster!
Garuda! Gets out tough stains and leaves colors bright!
Garuda! Plays it LOUD
Garuda! Makes every woman look 5x better.
Garuda! Absolutely, POSITIVELY guaranteed to add 2 inches to the bust
size of any woman you want in 3 months or DOUBLE your money back!
Garuda! Attracts the opposite sex to you like flies to shit, you'll
have to keep them at bay with a cattle prod.
Garuda! The party drug of the next mellenium, available TODAY!
It slices, it dices, it peels potatoes and cuts out the bad spots.
It makes salads and those silly things at partys that you didn't know
what they are, but you take one anyway cuz everyone else does and just
feed it to the dog later when the hostess isn't looking.
If you want people to know about your party, get Garuda! Billboards,
laser shows and skywriting will declare your party to the world.
Garuda guarantees excitement. Doctors confirm 50% increase in adrenal
output capacity compared to a control group which did NOT use Garuda.
Garuda makes life fun! Use it today to crash the domain or to scare
the hell out of sysadmin. Please don't type garuda again.

The one, the true, the ONLY Garuda
How can any of you be Garuda when _I_ am Garuda?


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