Random Quote #68 topic: evilplan

Snow Chao Cabal phone list:
Shadow Dancer 487-yoop
Henry's Keeper (810)373-1004
H. Frosh (810)736-3294
Carson 487-3636 (Triangle) (63.3% pure on the 1000)
Mr. _ 482-5621
Zerby 487-0899 (66.1% pure on the 1000)
Kiwi (810)655-8338 (63.5% pure on the 1000)
GCS -d+(?) P(--) c++(++++) !l(l) u+ e+ m+@ s/++ n+ h(*) f++ g+ w++ t+(+++)
r+(++) !y(*)

Nate (616)892-5011 (medium tech)
(616)895-4181 (low tech)
Nathan G. Mitchell
8671 Buchanan Street
West Olive, MI 49460
Evil It-Cools (don't ask me, that's all it spells)
GCS/GU/GAT d? p c++++ l+(++) u++ e+(*) m* s++/+ n---@ h f+ g+ w+++ t+++@ r y+*
PeeWee (810)650-2327 (40.9% pure on the 1500)
GM/CS/O d--- p c++ l(+) u+ e- m--- s+/- !n f+ !g w+++ t+ r+ x+(**)
The Eyes 524-5392 or 487-2399(ROTC lounge)
The Butt ???-???? (64% on some test...)
Ray 487-0941 (96.1% pure on the 1000)
The Nips 482-3342 (47.8% pure on the 1000)
Jen 482-3342 (42.1% pure on the 1000)
Mattie 482-8144 or 482-6657 (33.4% on the 500)
Mistress 487-0772
Friar Tuck 482-0389 or 487-3063
GAT d- H s g+++>! a?@ p4>! C++(++++) l+ US+++>$ P+++>++++ L>++ 3+ E--- N++(!) K-
W--- M-- V-- -po+(---) Y+>++ t+(---) !5 j R G+ tv b D+ B--- e+* u+(*)@ n++(-)@
h+(*) f+(?) r-(*) !au>* w+++ v+(*)>! t+ y?(*)
Mikey:GCS d-- -p+ c++(++++) l u+(++) e*(+) m* !n(+) h*(++) f+ !g w+ t(+) r(+) y?
Guido 482-0976 (49.8% pure on the 1000)


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There is a simple script that displays a random message from a database of quotes (as in well-know fortunes game). This version is bundled with quotations from The Bible, The Talmud, The Koran, poetry, prose, famous people and books, humorous items.

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