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Sensitivity, n. One of the prime concerns of administrators and
directors, who desire to use their power and authority in such a
manner as to benefit those under their authority. In order to effect
this proper use of power, it is important to be attuned to the needs
and desires of those people; it is an administrator's business not to
be aloof. This quality is best demonstrated in an immortal story from
hacker folklore:

In the beginning was the Board of Directors. And the Board of
Directors formed the Administration. And the Administration formed
a Committee. And the Committee formed the Plan.

The Board of Directors believed that the Plan was good, but wished
to be sensitive to the Hackers. They did not wish to use the Plan,
except that the Hackers Approved.

So they sent Memos explaining the Plan, and Low Level
Administration summoned the Hackers to set aside their Work and
attend Meetings, to find what the Hackers thought of the Plan.

"You, the Hackers, are our life's blood. Our strength as a
Corporation depends on you; you are the source of our Success, and
we hold the highest Regard and Appreciation for your Wisdom. Now,
you have had time to read and meditate upon the Plan. What do you
think? Is the Plan a good or a bad Idea?"

"It's a crock of shit, and it stinks!"

Then Middle Level Administration summoned Low Level Administration
to set aside their Work of wasting the Time of the Hackers, and
attend Meetings, to explain what the Hackers think of the Plan.

"You have spoken with the Hackers. The Hackers are very
Intelligent, and have many good Ideas. What do they say of the

"It is Manure, and the Stench thereof is Great."

Then Upper Level Administration summoned Middle Level
Administration, to set aside their Work, and attend Meetings, to
explain what the Hackers think of the Plan.

"You have spoken with those who have condensed the wise and good
Ideas of the Hackers. What do the Hackers say of the Plan?"

"It is Fertilizer, and it Smells of great Power."

Then the Board of Directors summoned Upper Level Administration, to
set aside their Work, and attend Meetings, to explain what the
Hackers think of the Plan.

"You know the Wisdom and Understanding of the Hackers, and what
they believe of the Plan. Our Time is scarce, so we are certain
that you can explain their Reactions briefly. What do the Hackers
say of the Plan?"

"It promoteth Growth, and the Vigor thereof is exceedingly Great."

Whereby the Board of Directors was greatly Pleased, to learn that
the Hackers appreciated the Value, Efficiency, and Wisdom of the

And the Plan was Approved, and made Action.

-- Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary

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