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"Reason and faith are completely irreconcilable pathways to knowledge. The two
cannot exist side by side. Reason underlies the methodology of the scientist.
Without it he would be ineffectual. Faith is the "being" of the "religionist."
Without it he could not exist. The scientist accepts nothing on faith. Faith
to him is a synonym for belief. In Hebrews 11:1 we read: "Faith is the
substance of things desired, the evidence of things unseen." The "religionist"
is ever alert to prevent reason from undermining his precepts. Reason is his
(and God's) worst enemy. Reason is our means of processing what we learn of
the world through our proverbial five senses. Faith does no processing;
whatever sense (or nonsense) is accepted as is, without rational consideration.
Those facts which reason allows us to accept must display consistency and
predictability. There are no criteria to restrict that which we will accept
on faith, as section 61 of this book shows. Those content to accept on faith
are those who accept without thinking, without the rational demonstrations
that establish the truth (predictive content) of what we believe. Faith is
the road to myth and error, the way to add to man's already overflowing
storehouse of "things he _knows_ but that are not so."
[Chester Dolan, "Holy Daze: Coming to Grips with "Religion," the Holy
Daze of Humanity", "Faith" section, pp.130-135, MOPAH Publications]


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