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The words "not even the scar of a lancet was upon them," bespeak
the prevalence of blood-letting in the East, and the absence of
the scar of the lancet on the persons of Daniel and his
companions is a testimony to their health of body and moral
temperance and purity.

In Taanith (fol. 21, col. 2) mention is made of a certain
phlebotomist--a noteworthy exception to the well-known rule (see
Kiddushin, fol. 82, col. 2) that phlebotomists are to be
regarded as morally depraved, and in the same class with
goldsmiths, perfumers, hairdressers, etc.,--Abba Umna by name,
who had a special mantle with slits in the sleeves for females,
so that he could surgically operate upon them without seeing
their naked arms, while he himself was covered over head and
shoulders in a peculiar cloak, so that his own face could not by
any chance be seen by them.

From Shabbath, fol. 156, col. 1, we learn that a person born
under the influence of Maadim, i.e., Mars, will in one way or
another be a shedder of blood, such as a phlebotomist, a butcher,
a highwayman, etc., etc.

Six blasts of the horn were blown on Sabbath-eve. The first was to set
free the laborers in the fields from their work; those that worked near
the city waited for those that worked at a distance and all entered the
place together. The second blast was to warn the citizens to suspend
their employments and shut up their shops. At the third blast the women
were to have ready the various dishes they had prepared for the Sabbath
and to light the lamps in honor of the day. Then three more blasts were
blown in succession, and the Sabbath commenced.

THE TALMUD, _Shabbath_, fol. 35, col. 2.


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