Random Quote #77 topic: koran, The Koran (Al-Qur'an), translated by Rodwell, J. M. (John Medows)

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

WHOSO believe not, and prevent others from the way of God their works will He
cause to miscarry;

But whoso believe, and do things that are right, and believe in what hath
been sent down to MUHAMMAD for it is the truth from their Lord their sins
will He cancel, and dispose their hearts aright.

This because the infidels followed vanity, while those who believe, followed
the truth from their Lord. Thus to men doth God set forth their likenesses.

When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made a
great slaughter among them, and of the rest make fast the fetters.

And afterwards let there either be free dismissals or ransomings, till the
war hath laid down its burdens. Thus do. Were such the pleasure of God, he
could himself take vengeance upon them: but He would rather prove the one of
you by the other. And whoso fight for the cause of God, their works he will
not suffer to miscarry;

He will vouchsafe them guidance, and dispose their hearts aright;

And he will bring them into the Paradise, of which he hath told them.

Believers! if ye help God, God will help you, and will set your feet firm:

But as for the infidels, let them perish: and their works shall God bring to

This because they were averse from the command which God sent down;
Fruitless, therefore, shall their works become!

Have they not journeyed through the land, and seen what hath been the end of
those who flourished before them? God brought destruction on them: and the
like of this doth await the infidels.

This because God is the protector of those who believe, and because the
infidels have no protector.

Verily God will bring those who believe, and do the things that are right,
into the Gardens, beneath whose shades the rivers flow: but they who believe
not, take their fill, and eat as the beasts eat! And their dwelling-place the

And how many cities were mightier in strength than thy city, which hath
thrust thee forth! We destroyed them, and there was none to help them.

Shall he who followeth the clear teaching of his Lord be as he, the evil of
whose doings hath been made to seem good to him, or like those who follow
their own lusts?

A picture of the Paradise which is promised to the God-fearing! Therein are
rivers of water, which corrupt not: rivers of milk, whose taste changeth not:
and rivers of wine, delicious to those who quaff it;

And rivers of honey clarified: and therein are all kinds of fruit for them
from their Lord! Is this like the lot of those who must dwell for ever in the
fire? and shall have draughts of boiling water forced on them which will rend
their bowels asunder?

Some of them indeed hearken to thee, until when they go out from thee, they
say with sneers to those to whom "the knowledge" hath been given, "What is
this he said?" These are they whose hearts God hath sealed up, and who follow
their own lusts.

But as to those who have the guidance, He will increase their guidance, and
He will teach them what to fear.

For what do the infidels wait, but that the Hour come suddenly on them?
Already are its signs come, and when it hath come on them indeed, how can
they be warned then?

Know, then, that there is no god but God: and ask pardon for thy sin, and for
believers, both men and women. God knoweth your busy movements, and your
final resting-places.

The believers say, "Oh, would that a Sura were sent down!" but when a
peremptory Sura is revealed, whose burden is war, thou mayest see the
diseased of heart look toward thee, with a look of one on whom the shadows of
death have fallen! But better in them would be obedience and becoming

And if, when the command for war is issued, they are true to God, it will be
assuredly best for them.

Were ye not ready, if ye had turned back from Him, to spread disorder in the
land, and violate the ties of blood?

These are they whom God hath cursed, and made deaf, and blinded their eyes!

Will they not then meditate on the Koran? Are locks upon their hearts?

But as to those who return to their errors after "the guidance" hath been
made plain to them, Satan shall beguile them, and fill them with his

This because they say to those who abhor what God hath sent down, "We will
comply with you in part of what ye enjoin." But God knoweth their secret

But how? When the angels, in causing them to die, shall smite them on the
face and back!

This because they follow that which angereth God, and abhor what pleaseth
Him: therefore will He make their works fruitless.

Think these men of diseased hearts, that God will not bring out their malice
to light?

If such were our pleasure, we could point them out to thee, and thou surely
know them by their tokens: and know them thou shalt, by the strangeness of
their words. God knoweth your doings.

And we will surely test you, until we know the valiant and the steadfast
among you: and we will test the reports of your conduct.

Verily they who believe not, and turn others from the way of God, and
separate from the Apostle after that "the guidance" hath been clearly shewn
them, shall in no way injure God: but their works shall he bring to nought.

Believers! obey God and the Apostle: and render not your works vain.

Verily those who believe not, and who pervert others from the way of God, and
then die in unbelief, God will not forgive.

Be not fainthearted then; and invite not the infidels to peace when ye have
the upper hand: for God is with you, and will not defraud you of the
recompense of your works.

Surely this present life is only a play, and pastime! but if ye believe, fear
God; He will give you your rewards: but He will not ask all your riches of

Should He ask them of you, and urge you, ye would shew yourself niggards: and
He would bring your grudges to light.

Lo! ye are they, who are called to expend for the cause of God: and some of
you are niggards: but whoso is niggardly shall be niggard only to his own
loss; for God is the Rich, and ye are the poor: and if ye turn back, He will
change you for another people, and they shall not be your like!



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