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Repeat, n. To render greater persuasive force to a weak argument.

In advertisement, the most ridiculous claims -- AT&T is preferable to
MCI because it is only slightly more expensive, if you drink our beer,
you will be surrounded by models in bikinis, our dish soap is superior
because it contains real lemon juice, our car is accompanied by a
woman in a miniskirt, whenever there's fun there's always Coca-Cola,
women flock to a man who wears our underwear before having a chance to
guess what brand it is, smoking cigarettes will make you strong and
healthy like this cowboy, if you buy our camera you will have a
consort almost wearing a very interesting outfit, you will have an
orgasm while eating our ice cream, and so on -- are rendered
persuasive by the force of repitition. The force is so powerful that,
costs being passed to the customer, consumers purchase these more
expensive products rather than generic brands, and do so with
frequency that makes multimillion dollar advertising expenditures pay
for themselves several times over. At least the mindless repitition of
risible nonsense provides a relaxing diversion from watching political

-- Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary

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