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"Faith will survive all superstitions, compelling men to think in terms of
their own destiny and the responsibility they themselves have in forging
that destiny. No one explains how declarations that are manufactured out of
whole cloth, that have absolutely no predictive content and therefore no
demonstrable connection with our lives as we live them day by day, are
supposed to serve as a guide for planning our future. What such declarations
do is to condition every nervous system that takes them seriously that it is
perfectly sane to ignore the world in which we live, and to live instead in
a world of pure fantasy. The man who is willing to accept the doctrine of
Christian faith is one who is willing to relinquish all hope of knowing the
truth. He accepts all, doubts never, vegetates. He is a slave, a hollow shell
into which others can pour all manner of stupidities. Having a conscience,
being honest, are empty phrases for him, as he has relinquished his own right
to think and is acting only because others are acting through him. He refuses
to be honest with himself, no longer talks things over with himself, no longer
meditates, contemplates; he only absorbs like a sponge, without discrimination.
If he has convictions, they are metamorphized and petrified lies, and not even
his own lies but those of colleagues, priests, and politicians who want to use
him. If to accept blindly, without the play of reason, is faith, it follows
then that what the world needs is not more faith, but more people who think
with their own heads and not with the heads of others."
[Chester Dolan, "Holy Daze: Coming to Grips with "Religion," the Holy
Daze of Humanity", "Faith" section, pp.130-135, MOPAH Publications]


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