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"The president was here for five hours. The first fifteen minutes were spent
with the new prime minister, then a quick power nap to sleep off jet lag. That
took two hours. Quick chat with the troops, judged a local humus cook-off and
then ... with an international flight, you kind of want to get to the airport
two hours ahead. You got the check-in, security, duty free shopping. ... He
picked up a bottle of perfume for Laura -- Ahmed Chalabi's 'Desperation.' It's
an intoxicating blend of Sunni and Shiite aroma -- smells awful. ... Just his
being there for five hours makes a statement. It told the Iraqi people, 'I'm
with you. I stand behind you. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm getting the f**k
out of here'"

-- Daily Show correspondent Rob Corddry


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