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The Targum Yarushalmi informs us that the Lord God wrought for
Adam and his wife robes of honor from the cast-off skin of the
serpent. We learn elsewhere that Nimrod came into possession of
Adam's coat through Ham, who stole it from Noah while in the
Ark. The glib tongue of tradition also tells how Esau slew
Nimrod and appropriated the garment, and wore it for luck when
hunting; but that on the day when he went to seek venison at the
request of his dying parent, in his hurry he forgot the
embroidered robe of Adam, and had bad luck in consequence. Then
Jacob borrowed the left-off garment, and kept it for himself.
The mask alluded to is accounted for thus:--The daughter of a
Roman emperor took a fancy to have the skin of Rabbi Ishmael's
face, and it accordingly, when he was dead, was taken off, and
so embalmed as to retain its features, expression, and
complexion, and the Jews say that it is still preserved among
the relics at Rome. The able-bodied man in this prophetic
mystery-play represents Esau, and the limping man is intended
for Jacob. Rome (or Esau) is uppermost in that ceremonial, but
the time is coming when Jacob will rise and invest himself in
the blessings he so craftily obtained the reversion of.

Rabbi Yochanan said:--None were elected to sit in the High Council of
the Sanhedrin except men of stature, of wisdom, of imposing appearance,
and of mature age; men who knew witchcraft and seventy languages, in
order that the High Council of the Sanhedrin should have no need of an

THE TALMUD, _Sanhedrin_, fol. 17, col. 1.


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