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Metacognition, n. That mode of thought which, among other things,
permits men to think about and apply to others that which they have
carefully reasoned and applied to themselves. The results of its
affliction are seen in the following Biercian definition:

Christian, n. One who believes that the New Testament is a divinely
inspired book admirably suited to the spiritual needs of his

This vice is one of the most deadly forms of thought. It sometimes
stops people from being at ease with themselves, and causes them to
raise questions. It was with great discernment that the Catholic (and,
shortly after breaking away, Protestant) church saw the need for
Scriptural interpretation handled exclusively by the Church and not by
the individual believer. Private interpretation brings with it some
very real dangers. The prime of these dangers is the possibility
(however remote) that a private reader may read some troublesome
portion of Scripture -- perhaps the Sermon on the Mount, perhaps the
book of Galatians -- and fall into the trap of thinking (and acting as
if) they mean what they say they mean, and getting it right.

This concern, of course, is not exclusively a plague to theology. It
endangers other modes of thought, even philosophy. Some might begin to
question relativism or believe that there might be morals which do not
really depend on perspective. Postmodernism is the great white light
by which we have been able to see, progressing far beyond the
benighted folly of those who lived before us and properly reshaping
history so that it appears in its true nonform; there are some who
even dare to suggest that it may have internal problems as bad as
those of Logical Positivism.

The vice is, fortunately, a very rare one. Most people accept as
infallible the nonsensus of popular opinion, or at least believe that
they are not intelligent or wise enough to question it, and succeed in
protecting the few areas that thought uninvitedly intrudes with an SEP

-- Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary

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