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The above tradition is founded on Judges xiii. 25, in which it
is said of Samson, "And the spirit of God began to move him at
times in the camp of Dan, between Zoreah and Eshtaol," in which
the word "move," signifies also to "strike a stroke," "step a
step," and "once." Founding on which last two meanings, Rabbi
Yehudah says, "Samson strode in one stride from Zoreah to
Eshtaol," a giant stride of two miles or more. Taking the word
in the sense of "strike," or "producing a ringing sound,"
another Rabbi tells us that the hairs of Samson's head stood
upright, tinkling one against another like bells, the jingle of
which might be heard from Zoreah to Eshtaol. The version in the
text takes the same word in the sense of to "strike together."

On the day when Isaac was weaned, Abraham made a great feast, to which
he invited all the people of the land. Not all of those who came to
enjoy the feast believed in the alleged occasion of its celebration, for
some said contemptuously, "This old couple have adopted a foundling, and
provided a feast to persuade us to believe that the child is their own
offspring." What did Abraham do? He invited all the great men of the
day, and Sarah invited their wives, who brought their infants, but not
their nurses, along with them. On this occasion Sarah's breasts became
like two fountains, for she supplied, of her own body, nourishment to
all the children. Still some were unconvinced, and said, "Shall a child
be born to one that is a hundred years old, and shall Sarah, who is
ninety years old, bear?" (Gen. xvii. 17.) Whereupon, to silence this
objection, Isaac's face was changed, so that it became the very picture
of Abraham's; then one and all exclaimed, "Abraham begat Isaac."

THE TALMUD, _Bara Metzia_, fol. 87, col. 1.


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