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See also Eiruvin, fol. 53, col. 2, and the Musaph for the second
day of Pentecost. In the Musaph for the New Year there is a
prayer that runs thus, "Oh, deign to hear the voice of those who
glorify Thee with all their members, according to the number of
the two hundred and forty-eight affirmative precepts. In this
month they blow thirty sounds, according to the thirty members
of the soles of their feet; the additional offerings of the day
are ten, according to the ten in their ankles; they approach the
altar twice, according to their two legs; five are called to the
law, according to the five joints in their knees; they observe
the appointed time to sound the cornet on the first day of the
month, according to the one in their thigh; they sound the horn
thrice, according to the three in their hips; lo! with the
additional offering of the new moon they are eleven, according
to their eleven ribs; they pour out the supplication with nine
blessings, according to the muscles in their arms, and which
contain thirty verses, according to the thirty in the palms of
their hands; they daily repeat the prayer of eighteen blessings,
according to the eighteen vertebrae in the spine; at the
offering of the continual sacrifice they sound nine times,
according to the nine muscles in their head," etc., etc.

It is related of Rabbi Ishmael's disciples that they dissected a low
woman who had been condemned by the Government to be burned, and upon
examination they found that her body contained two hundred and fifty-two

THE TALMUD, _Bechoroth_, fol. 45, col. 1.


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