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Villain, n. One who is positive that his actions contribute positively
to the betterment of mankind.

Among people who embody some semblance of what might be termed good,
there is a continual self-search, a continual question of "Am I doing
good or evil?" The Apostle Paul said, "Here is a trustworthy saying
which deserves acceptance: Jesus Christ died for sinners, of whom I am
the worst." Those people who act the most villainously do not ask the
question, because they know that they are doing good.

Hence Nazi Germany knew that it was doing the world a favor by
eradicating Jews from the face of the earth; the Jews were the source
of all the world's problems. Hitler himself did not go to eradicate
Jews until after he had established himself as a national hero,
pulling Germany out of a major depression, and speaking love and
appreciation to the common people and farmers as the heartblood of the
Aryan nation. (It is the opinion of this lexicographer that, had
Hitler found a more productive use for his talents than genocide,
history would probably record him as a strong leader and a hero) Other
groups since them, such as the Klueless Klux Klan, are also positive
of the immense benefit that their actions are bringing to America,
expurgating our white homeland of foreigners and helping to gently
persuade them to go back to where they came from (Africa, Asia,
Europe...). The present practitioners of ethnic cleansing wear watches
reminding themselves of the defeat they suffered 500 years ago, and
how they are merely returning just retribution and punishment to an
evil that was done to them. In wartime, in order to justify the
killing, it is almost universal for one nation to demonize the people
of the other country and make their dominant race subhuman, entities
which should be destroyed. Hence, even after the tragedy of the Viet
Nam war, there was opposition to the chosen plan for a memorial
because it was designed by an Asian.

Sometimes people do a more subtle job of making their actions look
good. The KKK now is not openly speaking about how other races are
destroying our land; they are instead speaking of the importance of
hospitality and love towards whites, the true Americans. The neighbors
of child molesters and mass murderers frequently say things such as,
"He seemed like such a nice man."

There is one common thread; namely, that these people are masterfully
adept at fighting the evil out there, and somehow never manage to look
inside themselves to see if there might be evil in here.

-- Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary

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