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"Despite the suppression of thought, as humankind became more sophisticated
in its knowledge of the workings of nature, it was only natural that some
people began to question the efficacy of the priests and their magical
rituals. Indeed, as people became aware of natural causes, they began to
question the very existence of the gods themselves. The priests' answer to
this skepticism was twofold: invoking the power of the state to exterminate
dangerous freethought, and concurrently developing even more complex,
serpentine, theological logic. Many philosophers were not taken in by this
specious reasoning. They demonstrated that, fundamentally, all theology and
metaphysics is pseudolearning, a semantic sleight of hand to give the
appearance that superstitious beliefs have an intellectual, rational
foundation. They further showed that, by definition, God, if he existed,
would be unknowable. Yet theology--bolstered by the semantic alchemy of
metaphysics--attempted to discuss God as if he could be discovered by
reason or experience."
[Joseph L. Daleiden, "The Final Superstition: A Critical
Evaluation of Judeo-Christian Legacy", p.385]


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