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Posted by ayny November 25, 2008 at 18:32:50:

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Interview With Steve Renner of, e-gold's® New Primary Dealer posted by DGCmagazine July 05, 2008 at 14:57:51:

Original text: This is an interview with the Mr. Steve Renner. For the last 7 years he has operated . His company is also now the primary dealer for exchanges of ..

Today in any corner of the Internet one can hear the rumors that LibertyReserve is supported by some light-fingered people. Actually the Internet old-timers have started to guess that the nightmare of all the FBI agents – LibertyReserve payment system that allows to transfer money worldwide, has some connection with Eastern Europe, namely with Russia or Ukraine. The behavior of the immigrants from the former USSR can be recognized due to the secrecy and absence of any publicity of the company and suspicious awareness of the niches hiding those shady clients that were often served by the banal Russian mob.

To understand the situation we decided to address the dusty archives of the Internet and go back to the beginning of the 2000, the time when the virtual economy has just appeared. We were attracted by the interview
in which some Arthur Budovsky, owner of Liberty Reserve payment system was confiding his secrets to

planetgold: Please tell us about Liberty Reserve.

Arthur: Liberty Reserve was originally an escrow service for our private clients engaged mostly in the international import and export business. We have been operating for about three years, and only recently decided to expand Liberty Reserve into a digital currency.

The next question to the owner of LR was about his personality and the answer confirms all the hypotheses and guesses:

Arthur: I am a single child of a German mother and Ukrainian father. My parents immigrated to the United States about 15 years ago from Ukraine.

It is interesting to note that Ukrainian origin of LibertyReserve is rather alarming since a great number of the carders came from this country.

Further Arthur Budovsky tells numerous compliments to E-gold payment system.

Arthur: I’d like to add that I was pleasantly surprised at the revolutionary idea behind e-gold. I must admit that it was looking at e-gold that gave us the final push to realize that we were doing something similar. We just never realized, until we saw e-gold, that someone would have the audacity to compete with the Federal Reserve, to claim that their money is better money.

It is still unknown why a primitive e-gold has attracted the owner of LibertyReserve. The only exception is that it was the first one though at that time webmoney has already appeared. Probably Arthur Budovsky admired the ability of e-gold to cover the financial operations supporting child porn.

Supporting the strategy of LibertyReserve that is probably built on the principle “money is everything and no matter who sends it” Arthur Budovsky tells the following:

Arthur: Because we’re based in Nevis, you have to be a murderer, kidnapper, or drug kingpin for us to be forced to divulge any sensitive information.

Logically we can conclude that LibertyReserve is ready to work with everybody who funds the system expect the dregs of society mentioned above.

The facts that became known after the finding of the interview have already disturbed the whole Internet. One can see the endless discussions on the forums that do not stop even for a moment. Theoretically the recent problems in work with LibertyReserve and the dropped trust of the customers to the system may influence the exchange rate of LibertyReserve regarding WebMoney or any other currency.

However, there is some additional information about the shady biography of LibertyReserve that is being checked at the moment. We can say only one thing: be careful with the payment processor the owner of which comes from the country that brings up the carders. There are too many black spots on the biography of LR and the absence of the precise contacts on the site of the payment system make LibertyReserve too suspicious.


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