Exclusive interview with Perfect Money PR-director

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Posted by Ecommerce journal January 23, 2009 at 21:55:05:

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Re: Interview With Steve Renner of CashCards.net, e-gold's® New Primary Dealer posted by ayny November 25, 2008 at 18:32:50:

Original text: Today in any corner of the Internet one can hear the rumors that LibertyReserve is supported by some light-fingered people. Actually the Internet old-timers have started to guess ..

- Good afternoon, Mr. Woods. Thank you very much for finding time to answer our questions. Actually last few months it was very hard for journalists to get your reply though we should admit that users like your support team and leave only positive comments on forums. So, 2009 has started. But could you tell us about 2008. How have you finished the year?

Hello. I can’t say that all our plans are completed, moreover our team will unlikely be ever fully satisfied but on the whole we ended 2008 successfully and effectively. By 2009 dynamics of users registration have doubled and again with no commissions.

- Talking about commissions we would like to know how can you pay 7% per annum if your system assures that it doesn’t charge any fees.

Naturally. The Internet seems to be so increasingly overflooded with all kinds of fraudulent schemes that we as an international company are used to encounter such kind of questions. Well, if it concerns, I can tell you. Indeed, we pay 7% a year without any commissions charged for transfers. However, we charge fees for other operations, for instance for currency exchange (it is very popular today as in light of the crisis dollar and euro feature high volatility, which makes people to perform exchange operations), or fees for funds withdrawal. But it is not the point. When we started developing our system we realized that gaining a position at the market will be a rather difficult task and hence we prepared for the long-term period of payback. We have big marketing budget and although the face of our marketing manager that solicits additional funds for the promotion of the service on the Internet angers our director we nevertheless understand that big investments into the marketing campaigns including commission free action will surely pay back.

- The staff of our journal has got used to the fact that if Perfect Money releases any news it concerns some original options introduced by the system and that differ PM from its competitors. May be you will share your plans with us? Any surprises?

Well, as long as I am a PR manager I would like to tell you about all new products PM is developing to introduce to the market. Still, there is a place for corporate secret. I can just slightly unveil it. For instance soon we will introduce the option for the users to send an SMS to any subscriber worldwide. It is very convenient because today the telephony for Internet-businesses is dying out and many people who used to do everything without a telephone, will appreciate the service. They will be able to send a notification or remind their partners about the payment, ask their friends via SMS to open an account with PM or just send an SMS message to a person whom they haven’t talked to for a long time. 2009 will bring many new things and we are hopeful that our dear customers will stick closer to us as a reliable and qualified payment processor.

- Your 16-language interface impresses and people like it. And we should admit that seeing your banners in various Internet segments we recognized that your service became truly international. Do you plan to introduce any new languages?

That is a very good question. Thanks for your compliment. I think we will not stop at where we are now with only 16 languages. We had no requests for translating the interface into more languages and thus we are offering existing languages so far. However, we can assure our customers that in case there is a need in translating the interface into any other language we will surely introduce it. We follow the course of a company that focuses on the feedback of content users rather than on language costs.

-Today we can see many payment systems developing and the progress is evident. How do you think what methods can be used today to gain an audience?

I knew you would ask this question. We have a firm belief that the most popular trend in improving payment services today is withdrawal options extension. Unfortunately, many players today oversee it, actively promoting their services and advertising easy methods of entering the funds while they do not mention difficulties customers may face when withdrawing their money. We have different policy. We are constantly extending withdrawal options and as of today we offer not only a bank wire, e-currencies and exchange partners, but we also offer prepaid WebMoney cards. You know, we think that the more free a user feels with the payment service, the more withdrawal options they have, the more loyal they will be and this will result in better relations between users and the payment processing service. If there is only one withdrawal option which is for instance the case with Liberty Reserve, it undermines consumer trust and in our view it imposes limitations on the Internet business in their activity.

-How do you interact with online businesses? How many people want to install Perfect Money API Merchant?

You know, it is certainly a pleasure to see that everything is going much better than we expected. I will make no secret of the fact that many services are still attentively looking at PM, yet there is such a trend that a large number of business projects are coming to us and opening their accounts, they attentively explore the system, test it and after they are sure that everything is fine and when they see that their rivals have already joined PM they also set API Merchant.

- How did the financial crisis affect you? Have you cut jobs in your company?

The crisis had a specific effect on us. Our gross turnovers didn’t fall in dynamics with the time, people started introducing more funds into the system which is probably explained by that they prefer PM as a financial service where they can store their money during the period of instability, yet we noticed that people are getting more stingy making less transfers to each other. Perhaps, this is because of their being uncertain about the future. But regardless of it we look into the future with a positive spirit and believe that the crisis will not last long. On the other hand, taking into account the speed of Internet development sometimes I think that there is no crisis on the web at all. We didn’t lay off anyone and we are in no way going to do it. It took us a long time to arrange our team of talented individuals that we won’t allow any crisis to break it. By the way, we are always looking for new people, there are some vacancies posted on the site, and we will be glad to meet new employees.

- Today many payment processors being inspired with modern technologies have started to strengthen user verifications and to tighten authorization policies. WebMoney has introduced fingerprint login system, PayPal demands to submit ID papers… How do you feel about this? Have you any plans on tightening of your authorization policy?

Our attitude to it is rather negative. Of course there are some customers whom we request to present their documents but we try not to infringe the privacy of people and we provide them an opportunity to easily conduct their business on the Internet without any fears that their account could be blocked.

- Recently your payment system has been nominated in the Ecommerce Journal in categories Best Debute of 2008 and Best payment system of 2008. Now one can see an active voting to find the best of the best. What can you tell all the pollers to convince them that no other service but yours should get the title of the Best Debut 0f 2008?

It is a great honor for us to be nominated for this award and we will be very pleased if your readers notice and appreciate all our efforts and our work. Why is it worth voting for us? I will give a simple answer – in 2008 we proved that a liberal payment system can exist on the Internet, a system that enables easy and fast funding, withdrawal and transfers without commissions along with convenient acceptance of payments in the business projects on the Internet.



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