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Sat Jul 12 06:30:10 2014 GMT
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Fri Jul 11 13:01, 2014 GMT
Warner Bros. have removed a Greenpeace campaign video from YouTube in which the group criticizes LEGO for partnering with Shell. Greenpeace is outraged, describing the takedown request as an attack on free speech. The environmental group informs TF it will challenge the removal while encouraging its supporters to upload the video everywhere. Source: TorrentFreak , for the latest info on copyright , file-sharing and anonymous VPN services .
Warner Bros. Censorship of Greenpeace LEGO Video Backfires
Fri Jul 11 12:01, 2014 GMT
In 1977, the Russian dissident Alexander Ginzburg -- whose detention and sentencing almost a decade earlier helped to spur the creation of Index on Censorship -- was again arrested by the Soviet authorities. The post Jodie Ginsberg: The new dissidents appeared first on Index on Censorship .
Jodie Ginsberg: The new dissidents
Fri Jul 11 15:18, 2014 GMT
Experts Say NSA Surveillance Compromises Internet Security ; Here's How to ... Truth-Out Privacy experts, however, say that the now-infamous NSA surveillance programs such as Quantum and PRISM not only threaten individual privacy ; they threaten the overall security of the internet as a whole. On Monday, the New America Foundation held a ... and more »
Experts Say NSA Surveillance Compromises Internet Security; Here's How to ... - Truth-Out

13:24. Salute all your prelates and all the saints. The brethren from
Italy salute you.
-- Hebrews
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